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Suites Pastis Tropea - Boutique B & B, refined and exclusive accommodation,

with personality and elegance. Located in the heart of the historic center of Tropea, on the top floor of a noble palace, it is the ideal starting point to discover the artistic, historical and gastronomic treasures of Tropea

Kalavrìa Holidays

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Kalavrìa Holidays was born from a dream!


The dream of letting the world know about the beauty, culture, aromas and flavors of a land kissed by the sun.

A land that was the cradle of all Mediterranean civilizations: Magna Graecia.


“When the day of Calabria came, God found 15,000 km2 of green clay with purple reflections in his hand. He thought that a country of two million inhabitants at most could be modeled with that clay. The Lord promised himself to make a masterpiece. Calabria came out of his hands more beautiful than California and Hawaii, more beautiful than the French Riviera and the Japanese archipelagos " (Leonida Rèpaci)

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Suites Pastis

Suites Pastis Tropea

Boutique B&B

Elegant and exclusive accommodation, located in the historic center of Tropea.

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Villa Teresa

Country Lodges

Villa Teresa

Two beautiful holiday homes immersed in a private garden a few kilometers from the renowned beaches of Capo Vaticano.

Villa TeresaVilla TeresaVilla TeresaVilla Teresa

Tropea City Parking

Tropea City Parking

Private underground parking a stone's throw from the historic center of Tropea.