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Regulation Tropea City Parking

1.    The withdrawal of the entrance ticket and the consequent release of the vehicle entail unconditional awareness and acceptance of the conditions referred to in these Regulations, in every part, and of the rates set forth, without reservations or exceptions.

2.    Each car/motorbike parking space is used exclusively for parking one motor vehicle only, and the ticket issued at the entrance represents the contractual document for renting the area.

3.    With the vehicle's entry into the car park and the withdrawal of the entrance ticket, a rental contract is concluded for the space, consisting of the availability offered by Tropea City Parking, against payment, of a car/motorbike parking space, and its occupation by the User.

4.    The car park is closed with gates and shutters but not guarded, therefore the storage and custody of the vehicle and its contents are not covered by this contract, and there is no liability for any damage, tampering, theft, removal, burglary, etc. by third parties or other Users.

5.    As a corollary to the preceding point, it is specified and emphasised that the legal regime under which this private parking is managed by Tropea City Parking is not that of garaging referred to in Presidential Decree 480 of 19/12/2001, as the brand, model, colour, number and entry and exit times of the vehicles are not recorded, but simply that of renting spaces to park vehicles against payment (Only Rent Parking).

6.    The User is obliged to scrupulously observe the signs placed in the car park, the rules of the current Highway Code and all the legal provisions and regulations; in particular, inside the car park vehicles must travel "at walking pace", and it is absolutely forbidden:

-       to smoke or use open flames;

-       to store objects of any kind, particularly flammable or dangerous ones;

-       to refuel or transfer fuel, change oil, wash the vehicle, recharge batteries and, in general, perform any vehicle repair or maintenance operation;

-       to stay for a long time with the engine running, to warm it up or sound the horn;

-       to park vehicles with fuel or oil leaks, or other defects that can cause damage to the parking surfaces;

-       to park the vehicle in the transit areas or in front of the emergency exit;

-       to park, without Tropea City Parking's explicit consent, any vehicles without a regulatory number plate or an authorised replacement number plate;

-       to enter/exit the car park in vehicles which exceed the maximum height indicated at the entrance.

7.    Parking is in time slots and vehicles are only allowed to enter/exit at the times indicated below.

8.    The rates are displayed to the public, along with the following regulations, at the car park entrance, and the fee must be paid upon the vehicle's arrival.

9.    For stays longer than three days, the User, upon paying a deposit of €15.00, may request temporary possession of the entrance gate remote control, which must be returned on the day of departure in exchange for the return of the aforementioned deposit.

10.  The User is required to park the vehicle in the appropriate numbered spaces with the engine off and brakes fully applied, with doors and bonnet locked.

11.  The parking area and related equipment must be used with the utmost care; any damage caused by the User due to improper use will be repaired or compensated at his/her own expense.

12.  The User is obliged to comply with the instructions from Tropea City Parking staff or appointees to allow prompt handling of any parking operation.

13.  Any violations of legal provisions or Authority regulations, as well as the parking regulations or instructions from Tropea City Parking staff, result in prohibition from using the car park in future.

14.  Parking a vehicle implies consent to the processing of any sensitive data provided; both parties mutually declare and acknowledge that, in relation to the processing of personal data referred to in this article, they have the right to know, erase, correct, update, integrate and oppose the processing of their personal data, as well as all other rights recognised by Article 7 of Legislative Decree No. 196/03.

15.  For any dispute arising between Tropea City Parking and the User, the competent court is that of Vibo Valentia.